I’m just a girl floundering in life.  Trying to keep my head above water.

A girl who likes her dog a little “too much”, who has made poor decisions in her life and who needs a soap box to stand on.

I always thought summer was my favourite season.  But then spring and summer show up with all of their promise of something new, and I can’t decide.  I definitely know that my season is not winter, well, after that first magical snow fall.

I was born in 1980, depending on when you are reading this, that makes me XX old.  Not a “girl” by most standards, but I still call myself a girl.  Maybe because I’m still waiting to get that “grown up” feeling.  It hasn’t come yet.  You’ll read about it if it does.

I like comic books, mermaids, and well written books.  I like words.  There is a magic in them.  You can so easily express your soul, touch someone else’s, or get lost in them.  They go well with tea, which I also love.

This is it.  This is my journey, these are my words.  They may not make sense, they may be jumbled, but they are mine and I’ll just leave them here, incase you want to take a peek at them.


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