I Am Going to Offend You

While I’m sure expressing your feelings is great, and helpful and all granola and whatever, Its gone too far.  We need to just relax and dial back on the “feels”.

For the sake of brevity, I’m going to refine this to one example.

I recently saw a brilliant Heineken commercial.  Two strangers, two different beliefs, YouTube it.  It’s worth 5 minutes (or less) of your time.   It was only after I saw the commercial, that I noticed that it was a ‘response ad’ to a Pepsi commercial with one of the Kardashian/Jenner clan.  Now, I don’t live completely under a rock.  I had heard something about a Pepsi commercial that had everyone up in arms.  I just didn’t chose to seek it out.  Quite frankly, I don’t care that much.  The new commercial peaked my interest, so I watched the Pepsi commercial in question.  The one that, supposedly, was going to loose Pepsi millions of dollars, and put their whole company at risk.

Chill the fuck out.  I’ll say it again.  Chill. The fuck. Out.

Let’s look at what everyone is all up in arms about.  Big protest happening.  ‘Social medialite’ gives cop (who is there to keep the peace and make sure nothing is getting out of hand, it’s their job) a Pepsi.  He drinks it, the protestors see this as a win.

“They are downplaying a serious issue”.  Are they?  Did you expect a ground breaking and intelligent statement?  Look at who the heroine in the situation is.  Maybe instead of looking for a reason to be offended, you can look at the raw message.  Let’s even remove the group mentality of it.  Two people (seemingly with different views, we can argue that later) find common ground over a beverage.

What the hell is everyones issue?!

Lets just skip over the fact that these groups are just two different groups looking for the same outcome.  The police are not the villains in every situation; but that’s besides the point.

Let’s look at the Heineken commercial.  Two people, with opposing view points coming together over a common project and a beer.  They discuss differences in a calm, open manner.

Isn’t this just a more heartfelt, intelligent way of saying the same thing?  Find common ground, discuss your differences rationally.  Open up to someone else’s view point.  You don’t need to agree with everyone, just hear them out.

Sadly, this isn’t even the point of this rant.  My point is:  Society as whole is so fucking closed minded and so ready for a fight that mountains are being made of molehills.  Does anyone even listen to what someone is actually saying before being offended?!  In an age where nothing is spoken, everything is typed, the art of proper conversation is completely lost.

How about you take the time to listen to someones view point before just instantly waging war on them and being offended.  How about focusing on the things that are right with the world, how about taking some things at face value, how about seeking out the things you enjoy as opposed to finding everything so disgusting and offensive.  Here’s an idea.  Maybe you won’t be so fucking miserable.

I’m chubby?  My hair looks better straight?  I should wear something other than black?  I post too much about my dog?  So?  That’s your opinion.  You are one of a million people I will encounter in my life.  I refuse to get up at the crack of dawn to straighten my hair because that’s what some people think is best for me.  Besides… I’m too busy walking my dog.  And I sure as hell don’t give a shit what sort of stupid ass commercial Pepsi comes up with next.  It’s just a commercial.  Relax.  Stop overanalyzing.


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