Everybody does it

Poop.  We all do it, there is even a children’s book about it, but most people don’t talk about it.

Now, before we start, let’s make it very clear that I have never really shied away from the topic.  I get some of my best thinking/pinteresting/facebooking/texting done while on the throne.  My friends are all parents, once that happens, it’s amazing how much you talk about something that you would have never mentioned before.  And I mean, full conversations.  I have also had my fair run ins with doctors, who always seem to be overly interested in what happens in your bowel.  Then I should probably mention  my favourite Southern Belle.  She’s a pooper, but she makes it classy, and has no qualms about letting you know when it’s happening.

In my family, poop has been the topic of most conversations for a couple of months now.  Why?  Is someone sick? No.  Have we made new friends with a GI specialist or nutritionist? No, although those people love to ask you about your poop, so be careful.  The short answer is, we have Rory.

Rory is my almost, three year old niece.  She is a spunky little girl, that has the memory of an elephant and loves to sing and dance.  Like most almost three year olds, she has the ability to brighten your day with just a smile, and comes out with the craziest sayings at the most random times.  Needless to say, from the moment she was born, she rapidly became my favourite human.

Rory is now potty training, and I’m not sure any of us knew what we were in for with this one.

First Rory was almost afraid of poop.  She pooped in the tub once and screamed so loud and frantically you would be sure someone was trying to kill her.  Then, possibly thanks to a little boy at daycare, she was obsessed with poop.  I mean obsessed.  “Rory, what would you like for dinner?”  “POOP!”  “Rory, what’s your favourite colour?” “POOP!” Everything was poop with her, everything, except what she was willing to do in the potty.  Then she would actually have to call people and tell them about her poops.  “Rory, how are you today?  Did you and mommy do anything fun?” “I pooped!  It was a big mushy one.”  Seriously.

Now that we are over that, and Rory having massive potty successes, if find that we are still talking about poop as part of regular dinner conversation, even when Rory isn’t there to bring it up.  Last night, I was at dinner and my parents tell me that now, Miss Rory reads the flyers on the toilet.  Yup, she likes the Farm Boy one the best.  She sits on her potty, and opens that big ol’ flyer, and tells you all about all the fruits and veggies on sale.  Oh, and her doggie (Gertie) has to be there too.  The kid who used to be afraid of poop, now makes it a family event.

All in all, yes, everybody poops.  But only Rory can make it an event.




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