Mother Nature, You are a *bad word*.

It’s not a secret;  I am not a winter person.

I doubt that I have ever complained about the heat in summer, or the rain in spring.  I am the first one to say how beautiful snow is when it starts to fall in December and Christmas just isn’t right without a light, fluffy blanket of sparkling snow on the ground.  Tiny lights shining up through and everything glistening and peaceful.  But, now it’s March and winter can eff right off.

Don’t get me wrong.  I love cozy sweaters, mittens, hot chocolate and curling up with a good book in front of a fire while a blanket of snow silently falls outside the window.  It’s cozy and comfortable and beautiful.  But only for a month, at most.

I think winter is just too long.  This winter especially.  Ice coated in snow on the side walks makes it a near death experience every time I walk Tallulah.  I’m tired of no colour, dreary white/grey days.

In short.  Winter sucks.  I long for the days of sweating on the dock at the cottage, swimming, fishing, even apple picking or pumpkin patches, easter egg hunts and tulips.

Dear Mother Nature,  I’m not sure why you seemingly love winter so much, but at this point, I think you are the only one.  On to Spring please.


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